• 3Gen DermLite™ LUMIO 2 Lumio Scope®

    • 100mm 2x lens • Ultra-bright white LEDs with five lighting modes: white, 365nm, 385nm, 405nm, Wood • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery • OptiClip filter for enhanced fluorescence imaging • OptiClip factor 2.5 magnification boost •…
  • 3Gen DermLite™ LUMIO OR LUMIO UV Lumio Scope®

    Self illuminating hand-held magnifier. Ideal for body scans. • 40 White LEDs or 40 UV LEDs • 75mm 2X lens • Permanent cross-polarization • 4 AA lithium batteries

    Smartphone-compatible polarized light examination device with two magnifications designed for skin lesion screening as well as general examinations. Dual magnification for dermoscopy and general examinations Polarized illumination for enhanced visualization of both vascular and pigmented structures Smartphone-compatible (requires…