• 3Gen DermLite™ LUMIO 2 Lumio Scope®

    • 100mm 2x lens • Ultra-bright white LEDs with five lighting modes: white, 365nm, 385nm, 405nm, Wood • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery • OptiClip filter for enhanced fluorescence imaging • OptiClip factor 2.5 magnification boost •…
  • 3Gen DermLite™ LUMIO OR LUMIO UV Lumio Scope®

    Self illuminating hand-held magnifier. Ideal for body scans. • 40 White LEDs or 40 UV LEDs • 75mm 2X lens • Permanent cross-polarization • 4 AA lithium batteries

    3Gen DermLite™ Carbon Pocket Dermatoscope Button-activated cross-polarized light (deep structures) to linearly polarize light (skin surface). • 16 LEDs (8 cross, 8 linear) • 2CR5 lithium battery • 15 mm 10x hastings triplet lens
  • 3GENDL1

    Simply the world’s smallest dermatoscope, the all new DL1 offers highly compressed performance. • Take high quality images with your smartphone • Cross-polarized and non-polarized modes • 10X Hastings triplet lens • Includes magnetic phone…
  • 3GENDL100

    Advanced cross-polarized light for clear and deep view into pigmented lesions. Compact, portable, glare-free imaging. • 8 Super-bright 3mm White LEDs •10X Hastings triplet lens
  • 3GENDL200HR

    Ultra-bright polarized illumination, all in a compact, ergonomic design unit and mobile device-compatible. • Four-level charge indicator • Automatic shutoff to save battery life • Contact & non-contact dermoscopy • Faceplate with 10 mm markings

    Polarized & non-polarized lighting to visualize pigment and vascular structures with/without immersion fluids. • Mobile device-compatible • Four-level charge indicator • Contact & non-contact dermoscopy • Faceplate with 10 mm markings • Available colors: Silver…
  • 3GENDL3N

    Refined optics and improved visualization of both pigmented and vascular structures. Polarized and non-polarized modes Superb lens, large focal range Brighter illumination PigmentBoost™ mode Fully enclosed focus mechanism Contact and non-contact dermoscopy Convenient desktop charger

    Smartphone-compatible polarized light examination device with two magnifications designed for skin lesion screening as well as general examinations. Dual magnification for dermoscopy and general examinations Polarized illumination for enhanced visualization of both vascular and pigmented structures Smartphone-compatible (requires…
  • Dermlite Carbon

    Button activated polarization control. Button-activated variable polarization. 15mm 10X hastings triplet lens with 16 LEDs. 2CR5 lithium battery. Professional charcoal coloration. 5-year warranty.
  • DermLite DL5

    Features ø32 mm lens design with superb performance up-close and at distance true 10x magnification — resolves even finer structures toggle between DermLite-quality (cross-)polarized and non-polarized illumination visually dissect the skin layers by scrolling through…
  • DermLite™ DL4 OR DL4W Dermatoscope

    The largest optics of any pocket-size DermaLite. Features instant on/off control right at your fingertips. *ONLY DL4 comes WITH PigmentBoost™ mode. DL4W is withOUT PigmentBoost™ mode. • Ergonomic design comfortably molds to your hand •…
  • DermLite™ Foto II Pro OR DermLite™ Foto II Pro PLUS

    Designed to capture the highest quality dermoscopic images using any 2/3 frame or full-frame Canon or Nikon DSLR. *Foto II Pro PLUS includes a Nikon D500 camera. 6 element lens design Polarized and non-polarized illumination…
  • DermLite™ Foto X OR DermLite™ Foto X PLUS

    A universal dermoscopy lens that attaches to virtually any digital SLR camera, compact point-and-shoot, mirrorless system camera, even a smartphone. *Foto X PLUS includes a Olympus M10 Mark III Camera Durable aluminum housing Polarized and…
  • Dermlite™ MagnetiConnect

    Magnetically attach a DL4, DL200, DL3N, DL1, Foto X, even DermLite handyscope® to any smartphone. High-quality aluminum Extremely sturdy Won’t interfere with your smartphone’s electronics